If you have received a US Gas Rewards certificate from a participating merchant, you can qualify for gasoline or merchandise at a gas station chain of your choice. Please visit our policies page and frequently asked questions page prior to registration for program details. 

After properly registering and beginning our program, you submit receipts and we will send you a pre-paid “gift” card issued by the gas company of your choice for each month of participation until the value of your certificate has been redeemed.  The gift card may be used at the pump or in the store!

US Gas Rewards looks forward to serving you. Any questions that you may have concerning this program should be directed to us.

By supporting this legislation, you've a critical initial step to answering this request.

  The company that issued the certificate to you is not responsible for the redemption.

Please note that all gas stations mentioned on US Gas Rewards materials are selected by our participants.  We have no affiliation with the gasoline stations and the gasoline companies, and we do not issue or insure the gas cards themselves. 

US Gas Rewards
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